At MY DRAP North America, we are the exclusive manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of premium MY DRAP cotton napkin products to the North American hospitality, retail, and event industries. 

We pride ourselves on our 100 year-old heritage and quality artisanship. Our textile factory is family-owned, and boasts generations of artful craftsmanship and stunning fabrics. Our tradition of quality production and timeless elegance carry over into today’s world.

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A Hub of Classical Innovation

MY DRAP cotton napkins are designed and manufactured with love by our family-owned and operated textile factory in the heart of Barcelona. The Guasch family has been at the forefront of textile manufacturing, perfecting and innovating their product for over a century. MY DRAP has, and continues to redefine what a simple cotton napkin could be. It is the first and only of its kind.

Quality in Every Stitch

At MY DRAP, innovation and quality go hand in hand. Each and every napkin is manufactured with the highest level of workmanship and intricate attention to detail. We take our quality control process very seriously; our standards are strict and uncompromisable. We stake our reputation on every product that leaves our factory.

Sustainability is our Ethos

Sustainable practices that combat climate change and preserve the planet are woven into the MY DRAP DNA. This is not just a compromise we make for the sake of ethics; it is the very reason why we deliver the best quality product time and time again. 

Our manufacturing and supply chain practices are to the highest EU environmental standards, and the product itself was uniquely designed to be both reusable, and compostable after a single use. We recycle all of our heat, water, and electricity during the manufacturing process, Selling 20% of the electricity back to the city every year. An on-site water filtration system has brought the local dying river back to life; these are just some of the initiatives we take to better our tomorrow.

Our napkins can be washed up to six times, or disposed of guilt-free, as they are 100% compostable. Minimum waste, maximum elegance.

Convenient Luxury

The experience of using a MY DRAP napkin is unlike anything else on the market. Each luxurious, seamless, and functional napkin is packaged into a pre-perforated roll, for easy storage and even easier use. The result is a napkin that not only looks and feels fantastic, but is cleverly designed and packaged for easy storage. Simply whip out a MY DRAP roll, and your table is as good as set.