12" x 10" Ottoman Cotton Single-use Hand Towels, Rolls - 500 Units

100% ottoman cotton seamless hand towels for any kind of events, pleasant to touch and high absorption. They combine the quality of cotton with the advantages of single-use towels: hygienic, occupy less storage space and enable savings in costs and organisation of washing/ironing.

This presentation offers full cases of 10 pre-cut rolls of the 12" x 10" towels (500 units), ideal for toilettes or anywhere else where guests need to dry their hands and feel every detail is taken care of.

MY DRAP is a brand with a great deal of experience in the textile sector. It has an extensive catalogue of napkins for events, table napkins, placemats and table runners. The only single-use fabric in the market, perfect for professional use in the hotel and catering sector.

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