"What we love about the napkins is the sustainability aspect. It really lines up with our ethos. We also find that our guests naturally notice every small detail; therefore, it’s super important to us that every single element exudes a luxurious feel, including the napkins." 

"The fact that MY DRAP has found a way to make a napkin look incredible, elevate the experience for the client, while being a fully sustainable product, is incredible for us!" 

"Being a family founded and operated hotel, we are always looking to work with companies with similar values. When it comes to sourcing local ingredients and vendors, it’s always great to come across family-owned companies like MY DRAP, who understand the importance of relationships in business. It just makes our partnership that much stronger and more meaningful!"

“We were looking for an upscale, linen-like coaster that was more elevated. MY DRAP was more than up to standard for Fairmont’s vision.”

“We love that with MY DRAP, we are able to switch up the colors to match the ambience. The diversification of offerings is great.”

“The high-quality, luxury feel (...) gives it a unique novelty, because there’s nothing like this that’s currently being offered. There’s an aspect of elevated luxury, compared to the standard black napkin we were using before MY DRAP.”

“We’ve nailed down a great cadence with MY DRAP- the ease of service and the quality of the product itself hasn’t wavered. In addition, the products haven’t gotten diluted by competitors; there’s nothing like this on the market that matches the quality standards we have set out for the Fairmont. It’s also reasonably priced for the quality, so we’re really satisfied overall!”

“We really get a luxe product that we are proud to offer our passengers, and the versatility is just top-tier.”

“(The products are) disposable and compostable, but there is also the option of it being reusable, which is wonderful!”

“In the luxury hospitality industry, one of our standards is to say the client’s name at least three times on a flight. We can do this when we address them by their name and we can print it on their menus. My favorite way though, is when we can get special MY DRAP cocktail napkins printed with their initials, company logo, or name.”

“We fell in love with the luxe quality of the napkins, along with how customizable they can be. We love the fact that we don’t have to be limited to only one color per design.”

“Both TPD and our clients have high standards and are super discerning; with other napkin companies in the past, we’ve always encountered a host of issues, such as missing delivery dates, and poor print quality. MY DRAP is our preferred vendor simply because it aligns with our top clients’ expectations. Plus, it’s such a pleasure to get to work with people equally as creative and open-minded! It gives us the space to do what we do best. They understand and accommodate our limitless creativity, which is super cool!”

“It’s been SO nice working with MY DRAP- mainly because their ethos so closely aligns with ours. The focus on those small photographable moments, ensuring every detail is to perfection – it’s all there. And that’s exactly how we like it. MY DRAP also reflects the way TPD looks at the event itself- a brand like MY DRAP is a perfect example of taking in those micro moments, honing in on the details that elevate the overall experience.”

“It’s something disposable, yet it feels like a cotton napkin (...) Nobody necessarily needs linen napkins, or has the patience to wash them, but these are quick, easy, and always well received.”

“I’m a New Yorker. When you’re living in the city, storage is a premium. MY DRAP rolls can be stored in a drawer and taken out at a moment’s notice for easy entertaining. The combination of something that is simple and beautiful, yet quick and fuss-free, is a winner in my books.”

“If I don’t have a cotton or linen table runner on-hand, I typically use an entire MY DRAP roll as a